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Jordan Kilganon Dunks with a 50-inch Vertical in Denim

Soaking, as all basketball gamers know, is a remarkable task to see when done properly, and it can add a great deal of enjoyment to a game.

In the NBA, it's progressed dunk a basketball hoop from easy emphasize reels to full-fledged slam dunk competitions in which the very best contend for 2 rounds of pure magnificence.

What you may not know is that dunking has grown in popularity to the point where it has actually ended up being a full-fledged profession, with expert dunkers displaying slams that match those performed by NBA gamers.

Jordan Kilganon, who increased from simple beginnings to end up being an expert dunker, is one such gamer. Some will remember him as the man who "soaked in jeans" in the NBA All-Star game in 2016.

Kilganon had already developed himself on YouTube, where he would routinely offer the same degree of awe and shock from his own posts, sporting innovative dunks that would drive sports fans crazy.

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That is how Jordan Kilganon handled to not only become an age-old figure in the dunking world, but likewise to capture the interest of countless people while doing so.

Jordan Kilganon's Ascension to Stardom

Jordan Kilganon's 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend debut in Toronto seems to have passed him by in a blink.

A typical looking man wearing a red jersey and denims came out onto the court during a timeout in the fourth quarter of the video game, while the Phoenix Suns Sol Patrol was performing a series of slams using a trampoline.

It was clear that something was wrong when Kilganon asked for that the trampoline and landing mats be eliminated.

He basically began with a double-clutch dunk prior to removing his jersey and performing the genuine show-stopper, the "Scorpion" dunk, one of his over 120 signature dunks.

Even the NBA's most experienced veterans, such as Isaiah, DeRozan, and Wade, were taken aback by what they saw.

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Kilganon was currently by this point well known online, but this occasion is what really made him go viral.

Who Is Jordan Kilganon?

Jordan Kilganon

At the height of 6'1 ″, Jordan Kilganon is an expert dunker from Ontario, Canada, who has actually taken part and won in several elite soaking competitors.

With labels like "Mission Impossible" and "The Dude Who Dunked in Jeans", they're a clear indication that he performs some of the most overwhelming dunks ever seen, typically while sporting a set of denims.

The clip we saw from before was just a preview; he's appeared on the scene at several events, from The Dunk King to the Dunk League and more, bringing the exact same quantity of excitement and creativity to each one.

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He's also a member of "Dunk Elite", a team that includes some of the world's finest dunkers, which has offered him the liberty to take a trip in between countries and contend at different dunk contests from around the globe.

As an expert dunker, Kilganon is continuously innovating brand-new methods of approaching the sport, whether it be computing a brand-new move from house or making one up on the area.

Something that he casually discussed in an interview was that he tries to do a minimum of one new dunk per show, which assists explain how the number of dunks he's found has handled to strike triple digits.

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He in fact credits his dunks to other individuals that he's looked into and drawn motivation from, especially when it concerns developing a new method.

Kilganon's objective up until now is to become the very best dunker on the planet, which certainly looks like a possibility offered the guy's execution and athleticism.

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